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Is Wearable Technology the Next Electronic Discovery Frontier?

Uh, Yeah, I’m Gonna Need to Image Those Glasses…

Electronic Discovery, Mobile Technology, General Thoughts, Forensics

Author: Trent Livingston

If you aren’t aware of the wearable technology craze that is going on, you should crawl out from under your rock and smell the tech. This new fad is taking over and we are seeing everything from the well-known Google Glass glasses to wigs that have embedded tech tools. The question remains, will any of these new gadgets become so mainstream that they’ll be subject to discovery?

iBeacon. Or is it iFollow?

New Technology Will Pester You in New Ways

Data Privacy, Geo-tracking, Mobile Technology

Author: Trent Livingston

iBeacon data privacy

Back in 2011 I wrote an article entitled “The iPhone Knows Where You iGo”. At the time, many were outraged about the fact that the iPhone had been saving location data and serving it up to installed apps. There were many articles about this invasion of privacy. There was also a Federal criminal investigations looking into the alleged misuse of location data. All of this must have ended up piled under some rug someplace. Why, you ask? Welcome iBeacon.

NSA Data Meets IBM’s Watson

Are We Heading for a Minority Report Technology Based Frankenstein?

Data Privacy, Data Security, Rants

Author: Trent Livingston

This past week I was at The Masters Conference in San Francisco, CA. One of the panels featured Adrian Sawyer of Kerr & Wagstaffe, and Tom Matzen of iDiscovery Solutions. Their panel focused on Data Privacy. When it comes to data privacy these days, one name seems to always get mentioned. You got it. Edward Snowden. The discussion was invigorated, and Tom and Adrian were comfortable fielding many questions from the audience, but the discussion got me to thinking…

Don't Be Afraid to Create a Social Media Policy

It May Not be Perfect, But it is Better Than Having Nothing At All

Social Media, Litigation Readiness, Electronic Discovery, Enterprise Risk

Author: Trent Livingston

This week I was fortunate enough to attend Mayer Brown’s The Social Media Evolution conference. The conference was a series of CLE courses that ran the gamut of social media. It was a pleasure to meet the panelists and mingle with attendees from various regions and discuss the ever-changing landscape of social media. Additionally, Chicago was rather pleasant weather wise. Lucky break for me!

Changing Our Ways

In Memory of a Friend

General Thoughts

Author: Trent Livingston


I am departing from my usual article, as this week finds me with a heavy heart. My family lost a dear friend this week in a sudden and tragic accident. It all happened in a blink of an eye. Sadly, the loss leaves a close friend of mine without his loving wife and mother to his 3 beautiful children. So instead of my usual blog piece, I've decided to offer up a bit of poetry. I thank you all for tolerating my departure from the norm of life for a moment, and hope you'll share this with ones you love.