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The Lighter Side of iBeacon Technology

How Far Will iBeacon Go?

Humor, Comics, Data Privacy

Author: Trent Livingston


Last week I wrote an article on iBeacon, which uses your phone’s built-in bluetooth functionality to receive notifications from broadcasting beacons. These beacons are being deployed by retailers to transmit advertising and other information to your smartphone once you are in range of their product. How far will this tech end up going?

iBeacon. Or is it iFollow?

New Technology Will Pester You in New Ways

Data Privacy, Geo-tracking, Mobile Technology

Author: Trent Livingston

iBeacon data privacy

Back in 2011 I wrote an article entitled “The iPhone Knows Where You iGo”. At the time, many were outraged about the fact that the iPhone had been saving location data and serving it up to installed apps. There were many articles about this invasion of privacy. There was also a Federal criminal investigations looking into the alleged misuse of location data. All of this must have ended up piled under some rug someplace. Why, you ask? Welcome iBeacon.

NSA Data Meets IBM’s Watson

Are We Heading for a Minority Report Technology Based Frankenstein?

Data Privacy, Data Security, Rants

Author: Trent Livingston

This past week I was at The Masters Conference in San Francisco, CA. One of the panels featured Adrian Sawyer of Kerr & Wagstaffe, and Tom Matzen of iDiscovery Solutions. Their panel focused on Data Privacy. When it comes to data privacy these days, one name seems to always get mentioned. You got it. Edward Snowden. The discussion was invigorated, and Tom and Adrian were comfortable fielding many questions from the audience, but the discussion got me to thinking…